Corporate Social Responsibility
Public Perception Quotient

Frequently Asked Questions

General questions
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is defined as company actions that exceed existing regulations and societal expectations. In other words, CSR is a measure of positive firm activities.

Corporate social irresponsibility (CSiR) is defined as company actions that fall short of existing legislation or other societal norms. In other words, CSiR is a measure of negative firm activities.
While it is impossible to complete ensure that the responses to the survey do not reflect systematic bias there are a number of controls in place. First, we randomly chose a company to be rated, thus it is extremely difficult to stuff the ballot box for a specific company. Second, we also keep track of where the responses are from to make sure that one machine is not responding to the survey many times. Third, we constantly check to verify that the demographics reported in the survey are representative of the U.S. population.
At this point in time we are working on publishing an academic paper that will contain many results. If you would like detailed results regarding a specific company please send an email to with your request.
Please send an email to with your request.
The majority of participants in the survey are recruited via online solicitation. The remainder of the participants complete the survey after hearing about CSRPPQ via social media.
51. Please see the results section for a complete listing.
The scores are on a scale from 0 to 10. They are based on participants answer to the survey question: "What is your overall opinion of based on its CSR and CSiR? You may combine CSR and CSiR in any way that you see fit." Thus, a low score indicates that the participant has a low overall opinion. The answers are weighted if the overall sample is biased in terms of gender, geographic location, or age.
Each participant is randomly assigned 1 of 51 companies. The survey takes an average of 6-10 minutes. The survey has questions regarding the selected company in four areas.
  1. Questions regarding overall corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate social irresponsibility (CSiR).
  2. CSR and CSiR questions in six areas: Community, Diversity, Employee, Environment, Human Rights, Product and Customers (products and customers are one group).
  3. Demographics. For example, Age, Gender, Income, Education, Zip code, and Occupation.
  4. Miscallaneous. For example, overall customer satisfaction if the participant has purchase form the company and the likelihood to purchase from the company.